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The Landing Page Guys have lots of contacts with high profile entrepreneurs and business owners across industries such as website design, affiliate marketing and facebook marketers.

We have teamed up with these contacts to bring you our 6 tips in 60 seconds series, we hope you enjoy.

Justin Woll

Justin Woll is currrently the head and face of the largest Personal eCommerce Mentorship Agency in the ECommerce industry.

He has helped countless entrepreneurs scale to six and seven figure incomes.

Justin has a loyal following on Facebook in accordance with him & his Personal eCommerce Mentorship company, in which he has generated over several millions in student sales in less than 1 year.

He has the largest Personal eCommerce Mentorship group in existence right now on Facebook. It’s known as “BeyondSixFigures w/ Justin Woll” and it has 20K members where his followers can communicate with him on a daily basis.

View Justin’s website here
Join the group here

Alexander Fedotoff

Alexander Fedotoff is an international speaker, avid traveler and the most sought-after Facebook advertising strategist on the planet for mid and enterprise e-commerce businesses. He is the founder of AF Media Agency. He has delivered $100 million in sales to their clients and helped scale brands. He is a recognised Marketing Leader with a passion for customer acquisition and scaling Facebook Ads to support rapid growth and eCommerce sales.

Visit Alex’s website here
Join Alex’s group here

Joshua Chin

Joshua Chin is the founder of Chronos Agency, a leading ecommerce marketing agency comprised of a team of 50. They are responsible for generating multiple 8-figures in trackable ecommerce revenue for clients.

His agency specialises in scaling with high-growth e-commerce brands utilising email, SMS, and conversational marketing. Chronos Agency is a Done-For-You email marketing agency for eCommerce businesses everywhere. With their cross-industry experience and data-driven email marketing strategies, they help eCommerce businesses boost their total online revenue by 20% to 30%.

You can view Chrono’s Agency’s website here 

Oliver Kenyon

Oliver Kenyon is an AFFI award winning entrepreneur and also the co-founder of the Landing Page Guys.

At the age of 25 he quit his full-time job as a chef to pursue his lifelong dream of creating his own successful business and becoming his own boss.

Since then he has had the best time of his life and made strides in the industry – he’s established and scaled several online companies alongside the best teams and business partners in the world! He recently sold the biggest affiliate marketing community in the world for a 7 figure deal.

One of his main goals is to help businesses to increase business sales and conversions with Landing Page Guys’ highly converting, affordable landing pages and websites.

Visit Oliver’s website here
Join the Landing Page Lab here

Paul Jeyapal

Paul Jeyapal started in affiliate marketing when he was 21 and since then he has grown to be the CEO of Synapse Media Group, a premiere performance marketing agency based in the pacific northwest.

In 2016, he co-founded Synapse Media Group with two partners. Within 30 days of launching Synapse, the young performance agency was crushing large six figure campaigns.

Watch Paul Jeyapal on YouTube here

Visit his Instagram page here

Joe Williams

Joe Williams is the founder of Version 2 – his aim is providing new customer acquisition to DR brands at scale.

What is Version Two? Elite Performance Marketing. Version Two drives high converting native and social traffic to global advertisers on a performance basis. We work with handpicked advertisers, scalable offers and true super affiliates.

View Version Two’s website here

Visit Joe’s Instagram here

We hope you enjoyed listening to these tips and we hope you’ve learnt something new that you can take back and apply to your business.

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