5 critical elements for above the fold to maximize conversion!

Badar Habib
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February 07, 2023
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Today’s post will be about updating you on the latest tips and tricks on how to maximize your conversion rate by adapting some of these critical elements above the fold.

To see any change, you need to take action. ????‍♂️

Above the fold is anything that loads above the scroll area.
The tips mentioned can be implemented with 99% of the themes. Just by implementing or fine-tuning your page whether it is com, lead generator, etc, it will bump your growth and progress rate.

Lets get started!

1. Value proposition page ????

The first thing or element to have cleared out is having a clear and consistent value proposition. A value proposition is the product title and it is the first thing your audience will see. It is said we only have three seconds to get the value proposition out to someone before they exit the page. In that respect we must ensure the title is extremely clear and salient. When relying on search and SEO traffic, we may find ourselves limited, but we can always add a second title to make it more creative. We need to have something above the fold to get them to consume our product.

Such as if we have a product titled “fitness 101“. The product name won’t offer me value, but what will offer me the value is the title being a little more exemplary.  We can add a bit more creativity by adding value, such as changing the previously mentioned title to ‘live a more healthy life with fitness 101’. This speaks in a bit more volume and will interest people. The hit you want your consumers to feel needs to be promoted from the title itself.

This is a stepwise approach that human beings take when it comes to analyzing anything. Our small attention span leads us to view everything rather objectively and meekly. If it does not stand out to us, we will move on.  Of course, the formatting of your content and how you reliable information to your consumers is important, but if we don’t cater to the initial build-up it may lead to the entirety of the system crashing.


2. Emotive image or video????

This could be for any page once again. People tend to get this wrong most of the time. Images work better because we can optimize and compress them. We can have a fresh shot image which we spent thousands of dollars on. However, something more emotive or candid works way better. Our first image may be a more professional and more beautifully shot image.

But make sure our second picture is more emotive, which would refer to representing someone using that product so it can tug on the viewer’s emotion. Someone taking a product and seeing its benefit is going to establish a connection. This would promote them to scroll further and discover what the product is all about.

3. Social Proof ✨

Along with the FAQ section, the aspect of social proof is overlooked almost too readily. However, So many product pages still don’t have social proof. Since we are limiting the scoop of social proof to what can be placed above the fold, we once again have limits. Ideally, this should not take up too much of your space. There is always a way to establish social proof above the fold by placing it in the top right corner of your website page. This of course can then be backed up with a visual. We need a visual, which in most cases is an absolute necessity if you want maximum conversion rates.

Often there is a lack of emphasis on how much impact a visual can have on the way in which the customer perceives the product. The more visual stimuli that are present on your page, the more the customer is to have a stronger foundation of trust.

Types of Social Proof

Also alongside visual cues, we need to have a realistic rating in place. Ratings tend to capture the eye of consumers faster than anything primarily because it elevates what they are looking for, i.e, reliability. However, the more realistic a rating is, the better and more believable it will be.  A rating of 4.8/5 for example is more believable than 5/5.

Mention how many customers vouched for this and emphasize the benefit. Your wordings and the way in which you place information should be clear and salient.  Make sure for desktop applications especially, to have a solid review section that highlights the prime components of your product and heightens its overall stance. The image of the individual vouching for the product should also be made visible, so the consumers know it is authentic.  In conclusion, no one element is more or less important than the other. It is important for both the presence of visual as well as verbal testimonials and proof to be present for the audience to feel they can rely on the website and product itself.

4. Trust ????

Getting trust above the fold is super important. All of these elements apply to once again all kinds of pages. How do we get this trust? It can happen in a number of different ways. We start with trust seals or trust icons.

Again, these are visuals and they will convert conversion way better than just stating the words or buttons. Having the icons of the payment methods will enhance trust of the consumer by many folds.  However, there are also certain ways in which we can capture their attention by laying out some of the policies your company would have to offer. This could include but is not limited to statements such as, ‘ We offer worldwide shipping’. Showing you have customer support available may allow them a breather in terms of arising complications. And of course, who wouldn’t like to see a clear cut return policy coupled with all the above? Another form of trust above the fold will be these very specific payment seals.

Types of Payment and Trust Seals



As mentioned, you can develop these payment seals just through a simple page builder. But before you go on randomly adding these buttons to your website, ensure your company accepts these. Paypal, MasterCard, etc are all trusted and will enhance the trust component of your customers. To further spice up the dynamic, If you have had any form of collaboration with influencers. This may as well serve to a be a plus. These famous or well-known individuals investing in your business broadens the trust component by default. As such, make sure you embolden this point if you have had any such collaborations.

5. Call to action????

This is one of the most important components of a page. This button has to be in a different color from your brand scheme. Colors such as amazon orange can help. But more than the color itself, make sure your call to action button is emotive. It should stand out to the audience and you can further enhance your call to action button by placing an emoticon.

Examples can include ‘rush my order’ or ‘order now!’ so your consumers become more and more convinced to invest in the product at hand. The more emotive your call to action button is above the fold, the higher conversion rates you will see. It would also help if you placed your call to action button in different areas on the page. But since this is limited to the scope of what is above the fold, one big call to action button should readily sit there to capture consumers’ attention.


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