CTA Do’s and Don’ts

Badar Habib
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February 07, 2023
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We have spent years auditing pages, where some critical elements are often missed out on or not considered. As a result, the conversion rate is low and unimpressive.

CTA is key for a perfect business.

Call to action by definition is the click you want to get. It is what increases your click-through rate and leads to higher conversion rates. It doesn’t matter whether you’re e-com or lead gen, in either case, a call to action is imperative to master and implement in the right tactical manner.

Aspects to keep in mind.✨

The main thing to remember is to make sure your CTA color stands out and is highlighted. This way, you will get more clicks and make people take that required action. Some people are rigid in terms of this policy, but we always encourage individuals to opt for a different color tone. Make it stand out from your branding color and increase click-through rate immediately.

Make sure to back your CTA with buffers, such as secure payment seals, or stars. You want to have either of these with your CTA. Back up your CTA with social proof. We’ve always voiced the importance of social proof and how it really is sometimes the push consumers need when deciding whether to invest in a product.

However more than this, some niches are ignored more than others. One of these is adding an emoji to your CTA. In some cases, our data shows that the simple addition of an emoji increases the click-through rate by 40%, which is mind-blowing.????

The pointing figure emoji is a directional cue and is what leads to the highest conversion rates according to data sets collected. Keep it interactive to encourage and motivate consumers to gain maximum levels of conversion rate.

Also, make sure to keep your CTAs consistent. Do not change the text on your CTAs because that would confuse your CTAs in terms of font and emoji. Consistency is key to maximizing click-through rates.


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