Does your conversion rate really matter?

Andy Haskins
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February 07, 2023
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We at Conversionswise have always focused on the importance of boosting conversion rates to really maximise your web traffic. Now while there are several methods we can employ to skyrocket businesses, Conversionwise has now launched a new tool to assist our clients in understanding the importance of conversion rate optimization.????

To get to this tool, simply visit the ROI calculator. In and era with unstable ad-costs and every changing platform restrictions, many are becoming fixated on obtaining cheaper, better traffic. The focus is more on how to drive more traffic as opposed to an increase in return on investment on the marketing spend. Focussing on what you can control, such as your conversion rate and AOV opens up the opportunity to scale efficiently without any additional ad spend.

Let’s run through some numbers…

The investment calculator may appear to be a bit confusing; however, it really displays how optimization can allow you to spend less money on a webpage on which you are driving traffic.

Lets start with a typical conversion rate for an e-com product which would be between 0.8-1.5%. If you are a small business and doing 100,000 unique visitors per month, and have an average order value ticket to about $20, this approximates to about 1000 conversions per month with monthly revenue of around $20,000.

Now the important criteria to achieve is the conversion increases. Let’s say we double the conversion rates, which we at Conversionwise people aim to.  Of course, this would be relative to other factors, but let’s say, very realistically, we take our rate from 1% to 2%, and taking into account the worst-case scenario, don’t increase the AOV (leaving it at $20).

Even without any increase in the value per order, we have doubled our conversion rate instantly and therefore doubled the amount of orders (and revenue) received.  Those 1000 extra orders per month would take this from a $20,000/month campaign to $40,000 per month. That’s huge! Just think what you could do with that additional margin.

A 200% increase (up to 3%), and a boost of AOV, even in addition to 5$ from 20 to 25$ will lead to 3000 orders per month and a revenue boost from 20,000$ to $60,000 ????.

This my friends is how important conversion rates are. The ROI calculator is used primarily to show visually how important the conversion rate at the core is. Oftentimes, our clients underestimate the correlation between web traffic and conversion. If one fails, the other automatically fails to work in terms of practical functionality.


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