How to optimize your checkout pages

Badar Habib
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February 07, 2023
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Checkout pages are not complicated, and as a rule of thumb, the more simple a checkout page is, the better conversion rates it receives. ????

A lot of clients have really complex checkout pages and once we take charge and build those customized checkouts by adapting features that were previously clearly missing, conversion goes out the roof. But most of you would probably be in Shopify, which has  its own standalone checkout page.

As a consequence, many of our clients deduce that there is no room for flexibility or change when a standard Shopify checkout page is all you are left with. However, there are multiple features you can incorporate to gain maximum conversion rates, even on a Shopify page.

Adding Trust ????

There are a few added features that are not shared amongst all Shopify pages. There are for instance the placement of trust icons and logos at the top of our Shopify checkout. This s uncommon and oftentimes even disregarded. But at Conversionwise, the influence of trust and proof has shown remarkable growth and turnover rates, which is why at any point that one feels they need to provide a consumer with a motivating factor to buy the product, a payment icon can help in achieving that. These trust icons really influence the way in which our clients come and approach the checkout.

Overcomplicating a checkout could become overwhelming.  Doing that will not positively influence the consumer at all. If anything, once the consumer sees the extensive level of detail or installment of features, they may simply scroll back. As a consequence, we need to work on components that allow for the page features to be kept very minimalistic. As we’ve already mentioned, push trust wherever you can.

In most cases, we apply this in our header section so that the consumers see this almost immediately once they enter the page. Moving forward from here, we can then step by step induce other elements of trust. Implementing a timer can add scarcity that will encourage the consumers to immediately make the payment within the moment. Having a timer really induces the need to take action and can cause massive changes to occur in your conversion rate.

Less is more ????‍♀️

As we move down the page, asking for information that is absolutely essential is important to keep in mind. There is no need to make it complicated with fonts or with the manner in which you structure the questions. Plain and simple is the best way to go about this.  Making it lengthy will only negatively influence your consumers and they will be less likely the prospect of paying simply due to the detailed content.

Always remember, you have to keep your checkout page very clean. As we move down towards the end of the page, a call to action button with a label of ‘complete secure payment for instance boosts morale and authenticity.

Finally, yet importantly, we insert some form of social proof. At Conversionwise, we have a massive emphasis placed on the use of social proof and how it can rapidly help your turnover conversion rates. Instilling social proof in a more in the right corners of your page can really be a game-changing factor and may be exactly what your checkout pages need!



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