How To SKYROCKET Your Average Order Value With Bundles!

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It’s a human psychology thing: when people are buying something, they want to feel like they’re getting a good deal. And when they see they can get a good discount if they buy more than one item, they’re much more likely to do it.

This is called bundling, and it’s an effective marketing strategy that can help you increase your average order value (AOV).

Everyone loves a bundle. A customer who needs just one bottle of, let’s say, shampoo will often buy two or three if they’re offered at a discount. Especially when customers can compare the price per unit and see that they’re getting a good deal.

You must have wondered why most sales pages and landing pages always get the lions to share of the traffic and conversions?

Because everything you see on the page is designed to funnel the customer towards buying a bundle of products instead of just one.

How does it work? How do you create a bundle that will actually boost your average order value and encourages your customers to buy more?

In this article, we will talk about:

  • Why Should You Use Bundles on Your Sales Pages?
  • The Advantages of Bundling
  • How to Create an Effective Product Bundle

Let’s get started!

Bundling is an effective marketing strategy that can help businesses increase their average order value by offering customers a discount when ordered in bulk.

This way, businesses can encourage customers to buy more than they originally intended. This strategy works because it takes advantage of human psychology – people want to feel like they are getting a good deal.

For what kind of products is bundling effectively?

Bundling is an effective strategy for selling physical goods, digital products, and even services. For example, a business might offer a discount on a bundle of three different shampoo bottles, a set of e-books, or even a package deal for getting your taxes done.

Any product used in households can be gifted to multiple people or delivered as a subscription can be effectively bundled.

There are many advantages of using bundling as a marketing strategy, some of which are:

  • It allows businesses to increase their average order value
  • It takes advantage of human psychology
  • It is an effective marketing strategy for physical goods, digital products, and services
  • It allows businesses to package together multiple products or services into one offer

How to Create an Effective Product Bundle?

When creating a product bundle for their landing page or sales page, businesses should keep the following in mind:

Each section in a landing page or sales page aligns with a different stage in the buyer’s journey. The offer should be placed in the section of the page that is most relevant to the buyer’s journey stage that the customer is currently in.

The first thing to create irresistible bundle offers is the price point that shows the cheapest option at the top, of course; it’s when the customers will buy the product in your biggest bundle.

Make sure you have placed this price unit in the bundles so that when customers scroll down to the bottom bundles show the same price unit but with a different number of products.

Check this screenshot:

The very first hook starts from the price. Try to place the cheapest unit in the beginning as you see in the picture so that it’s easy for customers to see the value. Also, the picture shows the % of amount customers will save and the price difference to the actual price from 14.99 to 7.50 to set realistic expectations.

This template we use to train our designers at the ConversionWise. We teach trainees all the must-know elements to place on a landing page that converts and helps businesses make money.

The second key is to add three bundle options at the bottom of the landing page:

The first shows the regular price per unit.

The second one must be the most popular – the one that has a more number of products than the base one but with a discounted price.

The last one is the biggest bundle with an even more discounted price.

And the last one must offer a bigger discount which should be the same price unit you showed them in the beginning.( i.e. 7.50)

They can get 6 bottles for the last bundle with the lowest price, which shows “Most Value,” but most people will choose the second option with 3 bottles and a slightly higher price for the following reasons:

  1. The average customer often does not need this many products
  2. The CTR “Most popular” shows other people are also choosing this bundle. In e-commerce, customers trust what others choose.
  3. The middle option also provides free delivery, which again indicates that customers are getting this bundle so much that the company has started providing free shipping.

Though as an e-commerce business, you would want to sell the bundle with more products in it to get better profits, remember it’s all about giving customers what they want.

Those who came to get only one product chose to go for the second option so they can get it with a discount and free shipping.

The labels “Most Popular” and “Best Value” give some direction to customers by themselves. They are an important part of this strategy and must be used.

Also, notice the blue-lined stroke created around the middle bundle. This is to make it stand out and help customers see this bundle before they see the others.

Check the Mobile Version

Most people shop on their phones now, so the design must look good on all devices.

Let’s check how this design looks on a mobile screen. And what’s the key element that you must change?

Check this screenshot:

Now you would notice that we have placed the “Most Popular” bundle at the bottom whereas, in the desktop version, it was in the middle.

The reason is that when people are on their phones, they scroll down quickly to the bottom, and when they see the “Most Popular” bundle at the bottom, they are more likely to click on it.

You can always test this by A/B testing different versions and see which one performs better.

But according to our data and what we design for our clients at the ConversionWise, this is the best way to design it for a mobile screen.


To conclude, I would like to say that using bundles is an excellent way to increase your average order value. Just make sure you use the right design principles so that it not only looks good but also helps you make more sales.

Play with different designs, colours, and images to find the perfect look for your business. But bundles are an excellent way to increase your sales, and you must use them in your store.




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