Is your landing page ready for the holiday rush?


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Is your business ready for the holiday rush?
Is your business ready for the holiday rush?

Big question, but have you thought about whether you’re really ready? Do you have a dedicated landing page to target your visitors and push them to take action? If not then we are sorry to say it but you are NOT READY.

In this blog we’re going to help you be holiday rush ready!

The pressure to end Q4 on a high is real! EVERYONE knows this is the biggest time of year, holiday season is here. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Boxing Day are all opportunities.

With a landing page that is specific to you and your goal you can be ready – the holiday rush means more leads, more sales and it could mean more happy customers but only IF your landing page is on point. A landing page can help you guide your traffic to the all important sale.

Make my business ready for the holiday rush!

A landing page is what you need.

Follow the AIDA Principle whilst creating a landing page to convert your visitor from just a visitor to a paying customer. Let’s go through the AIDA Principle in a bit more detail.

A – Attention/ Awareness; grabbing the attention of the customer.

I – Interest the customer.

D – Desire; convince the customers that they want, need, and desire the product or service.

A – Action; leading customers towards taking a specific action and/or purchasing.

Above the fold of your landing page you should be focusing on capturing attention.


  • A Bold Clear Headline (talk about benefits here, not features)
  • Bullet-points (An odd amount, not even… it converts better. Trust us!)
  • A photograph of your product/service


Peak your customers interest, a great way to do this is with video.

You need to outline in this section how EASY it is for your customer to get your product/service and what it will do for them/how it BENEFITS them. Do not talk about the features of your product or service here, talk about the benefits! Whilst your visitors may be interested in the features on offer, I can almost guarantee they’d rather be told how your offering is going to benefit them

Another way to do this as well as using a video is doing a ’step 1, step 2, step 3’ (seen below).

Another way to do this is a supporting statement to beneath your headline that is in a slightly smaller font size, to reinforce the visitor’s curiosity.

If you get this Interest section right then your “visitor” is on the right track to turning into customer.

This is where you can lose customers if you’re not careful – nine out of ten times if I’m a potential customer I will go and do some research on your product. I’ll go to Google (for example) and type ‘review’ and your company name.

(Pretend there is a horrific game show buzzer noise to accompany the big X)

FAIL! If the potential customer is leaving your page you have already failed.


Stop the customer from leaving by putting ’social proof’ on your page, readily available to them.
A testimonial! A testimonial should have a real photograph, a review and five stars! Multiple testimonials are great!

See a page below that we have created, can you spot the testimonial, the five stars and the photograph? ????

As you can see they have put “based on 1,234 reviews” – this is again reinforcing the social proof. Why as a customer would I now need to go and do my own research if everything is there for me.

Critical Elements ✅
AIDA Principle ✅

What’s next?

To be ready for the holiday rush you need to ensure your page is built on a scalable platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce.

So, you’re on a scalable platform, you’re almost holiday rush ready.

Next, make sure your load speed is optimised. You’ve got less than 5 seconds to capture the attention of your visitor as per the AIDA principle, so what good is it if that person can’t even get to your page because it’s painfully slow? Time is of the essence. You need to do everything within your control to ensure your pages load super quick for every visitor, especially when considering potential visitors from mobile devices on data networks. There are many super quick tweaks that can be done to optimise your load speed and testing couldn’t be easier.

Utilise services such as Pingdom or GTMetrix to test load speed and identify any potential bottlenecks and appropriate solutions.

Now it’s time to make sure your page is cross-browser compatible – your customers can be coming from anywhere and could be on various browsers, we want to make the most of holiday rush and be cross-browser compatible.

Almost 25% of web users are using browsers other than Chrome.
(Taken from W3 usage statistics gathered over 45 million monthly visits.)

This a lot of potential revenue that you could be missing out on if you’re not cross-browser compatible – different browsers like to cause a little mischief and act in different ways, rendering and displaying elements in a different manner to others. A button that works in one browser may not work in another. An image that is displayed in one location on one browser may overlap a core element on another. All of these little quirks could mean the difference between a conversion or a frustrated visitor. Whilst Chrome still dominates the browser game, don’t forget the rest!

Scalable Platform ✅
Load Speed ✅
Cross-Browser Compatible✅

Drive those sales!

A landing page is centered around a goal, we recommend not having multiple products on a landing page as it distracts away from the main goal to make a sale. This is where you can utilise bundles and upsells to sell a large quantity of one product or multiple products.

What are bundles?
A bundle is putting several products or services for sale as one combined product or package.

What are upsells/cross-sells?
An upsell is where someone has already bought one product (eg a PHONE) and they are being asked if they want to buy a different/related product – eg ‘do you want to buy a charger with that phone?’

Now that you know the importance of a landing page and being prepared for the holiday rush, we want to remind you that Landing Page Guys is currently offering 20% off every project with us until 27th November, so there’s truly no better time to get a landing page and be ready for the rush!

Don’t miss out on sales because you’re not ready for the holiday rush!

Contact our team today to get a landing page that will help you be ready for the holiday rush.



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