Is Your Page Trustworthy? What Type and Where You should Display Trust!

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Welcome to this, another super exciting from ConversionWise. Today, we will be talking about trust icons, trust seals, and trust badges. Trust has always been a critical part of any website that wants to sell anything online. It’s the most important factor affecting the buying process on your site.

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In today’s session, I will discuss one crucial conversion design principle – How to display trust on your website that will increase your conversions.

If you miss trust icons on your landing pages, you miss out on a great deal of business. It is often hard to understand whether the page you’re looking at is trustworthy or not without external input. Trust logos and buttons provide that external input.

I will show examples of a few landing pages we have worked with and how trust seals helped boost conversion rates.

Landing Page 1: Zygo

As you can see, the home page has all the conversion design elements; the hero image is there, the persuasive headline, the color scheme, the CTA button, and so on. These are all things that matter the most.

But we are to talk about trust seals, which is something that Zygo has chosen to display on the very above-the-fold. If you guys don’t know about the above and below-the-fold, it is where you should display your most important content.

Real Customers review on Above the Fold:

The five-star icon with the review of a regular customer is a perfect example of displaying trust on your website. The best thing about this particular review is the user’s image and the testimonial written beneath it. The image is so real, like a Facebook profile picture. There is no chance someone else would use his profile picture to write fake testimonials on your site!

Popular Brands as Trust Icons:

If your product or service is compatible with some famous brands, display the logo on your website. In this Zygo’s case, the compatibility with top brands such as Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and Music shows customers’ trust in the brand. It instantly creates an impression in the customers’ minds that the brand is legit. Brands icons are really, really powerful and can tremendously boost your conversion rate.

As Featured In:

The “as featured in” section is also a fantastic trust display technique. Zygo has used this approach to show several popular brands trust them. This is a genius way to show trust and authority. As you can see, Zygo has been featured in Techradar, Financial Times, and WSJ. This is a great way to establish your site as a credible authority in the market. This kind of approach works really well with B2C businesses like Zygo.

Google Pay and App Store

As we go further down on this page, we see that Zygo also highlights Google Pay and App store icons. These are some of the most popular payment gateway options, showing that Zygo is an established brand.

Product Images and Real 5-star review icon

We move down where the sales take place. As you can see, how trusty this page looks. The product images are professional, and the number of reviews they have for the particular product creates an excellent feeling for the customers. This is where you go with conversion-impacting trust icons, i.e., your payment gateways. I can’t stress enough whether this is a product page, sales page, or e-commerce store; if you ask customers to pay or make a transaction, you should always display trust icons, seals, and payment method icons.

As you can see, Zygo has presented the icons of all the famous and recognizable payment gateways, which shows that the site is trustworthy. Customers can easily make transactions on their website. I highly recommend using this technique if you sell products or services online.

Sales Page: Snap Studio

This sales page is the perfect example of displaying trust on your landing page. Look at the variety of trust icons and why they are used. Their above-the-fold content perfectly displays all the trust icons, which are extremely important to build trust on your landing page.

The yellow button for Safe Checkout, the green button for refunds guaranteed, popular payment gateways like PayPal and VISA, etc. The 5-star reviews from the customers and YouTube reviews also indicate that this site is trustworthy. I highly recommend using these trust icons to boost your conversion rate.

Look at the icon “Assembled in the US.” This creates an impression that the product is of very high quality and is made in the USA. You can also see other icons: limited LIFETIME guarantee, #1 recommended a genuine review from Roling Stone Magazine, and a lot more. All these icons indicate trust and authority, which automatically builds confidence in the customers’ minds. I would strongly suggest you display trust icons if you want to boost your conversion rate.

And the best thing is how beautifully all of these trust icons are laced above the fold so that the potential customer can see them at a glance.

Lead Generation Page: Utility Switch

This lead generation page is another example of how beautifully trust icons are displayed to build trust. They aren’t asking for your personal information like your email address. Instead, they are asking for the postcode. This is a great way to build the trust of your target market.

The Utility Switch company has used some really powerful trust icons like McAfee Secure, Norton Secure, and TRUSTs. You can see popular brand trust icons like Shell Energy, EDF, Octopus energy, BULB energy, etc. All of these icons immediately tell the customers that the Utility Switch site is trustworthy and genuine.

Think about any brands or popular companies you can trust easily; their logos are probably on this page. I suggest you use these types of trust icons if you want to build trust on your lead generation page.

Sum Up

That’s it! If you guys loved our session and want me to audit your landing page, product page, or whatever page, join us in our free Facebook group, and we will help boost your conversions. Till then, keep on experimenting and improving your conversion rate!



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