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Are you looking to generate leads for your business? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the best lead generation practices to help you get started. We’ll cover everything from creating effective website and e-commerce pages, to using landing pages to capture leads. So whether you’re just getting started with lead generation or you’re looking for new ways to improve your results, read on for our top tips!

The AIDA Principle ✨

As you all know we at ConversionWise have been working on conversion design for over a decade and one of the most important principles that we work on and guide our clients is the AIDA principle which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and finally Action, and we mention this every time we possibly can. AIDA principle brings about the component of how a page should be structured. This is why we recommend that you should apply the AIDA principle to every single page that you create.

It is important to capture a sense of desire and attention from the consumer above the fold. This can be done through the AIDA principle attention should be captured from consumers when they land on your website or social media page- this will help you convert them into customers!

Page Speed👇

Decreasing page speed is important since it ensures your page is displayed in a timely fashion without any form of delay in the display of graphics. Lower load speeds can increase conversion rate by 5-10%. This is an astonishing figure and can really impact the way your page generates income.

Benefits 👍


The copy should really make a statement of course, but pages usually lack benefit-driven statements. Bulleting it down for the sake of emphasis if required above the fold and place some emotive terminology. It is imperative for conversation rate However, payment seals and of course, a testimonial with a genuine picture will be a massive requirement.


Trust needs to be at the bottom of the hero section, which could be in terms of a case study, or even in form of a star rating. However, it is important to push down your testimonial section to implement a process step. Process steps are important because they help break down how each part of the process would be working. In addition, it is never too late to add a section or page dedicated to displaying any vital and strong names or companies you have worked in partnership or association with.



There is no doubt about it, you want your CTA to be placed in every nook and corner of your page. Your CTA should be consistent in terms of its content and in terms of its design. The color should be salient and very vibrant. An emoji, especially the pointing finger emoji can generate approximately a 40% increase in conversion rates.



An FAQ section is key to achieving an amazing conversion rate. Having an FAQ section is immaculate and really seals the deal right towards the end of the page. Make sure to answer questions that customers may have and answer all forms of potential inquiries.

Bullet Points✌


Bulleted points are another way of reducing the overwhelming form of information to be thrown on the websites and focusing more on a concentrated amount of detail. Make sure of course that your text style and of course, your size of text are consistent and readable. Consumers will not set too much time on the page if it really is not salient in detail.

Heavily feature-driven pages should have a benefit-driven analysis, in particular, if it is selling a particular kind of product. The headlines for most of these pages are located in the center of the hero section above the fold, but they should really be located right at the top, and it is ideally the first thing the consumer should see. Also, of course, we should really comment on the importance of testimonials, which is often times an underestimated component. The testimonial is important no matter whether you have a product or lead-gen page. It drives and improves conversion rate, and that is our primary aim.


Product pages have bundles that they aim to sell, and the bundling section should ideally be located towards the end of your product age. The reason is, that you want to spend the maximum amount of time and space dedicated to selling the benefits and the important components of the product.


Imagery should have crisp and clear resolution especially if it is a single kind of product you are aiming to sell. Make sure there are images of people using that product because it relays a more authentic image of the product. This will increase and allow you as the creator to achieve maximum conversion rates.


Headers in terms of size do not have to be extremely big. Taking over a quarter of the page with the text is meaningless and a waste of space. It should be of adequate size and really just relay baseline information. Save space for reviews and for your testimonials, especially if we are talking about trust and the implementation of payment seals.



Sectioning all your information is not only beneficial but allows the consumers to go about the page in an organized manner. Sectioning out all information related to related product features will help achieve that key conversion rate. This is one of the reasons why our teams are extremely dedicated to reordering and using up space in the most productive and orderly manner possible. A desire section implemented right before an individual reaches the last or second last call to action is absolutely key and is a component many of our clients miss out on.


A video on the product page is a great idea and is often not implemented. Videos help draw on features that sometimes engaging content cannot achieve. So having a video on your product page in one of the more focused sections is not a bad idea! However, in most cases, a video is time-consuming so a lot of our consumers would choose quick information providing links over lengthy time restricting content.


A little bit of optimizing can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. We have listed 12 points that can improve your conversion rates, taking away even one of the principles or pointers highlighted today and implementing them will assist you in achieving unbelievably high conversion rates.

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