Mobile Hero Section: Key Elements for Conversion

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By: Andy Haskins

Welcome to another session of ConversionWise. In this post, I will talk about Mobile Hero Section: Key Elements for Conversion.

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Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s start with our lesson!

As you can see, the product page we have opened here is a desktop version:

This is because I want to show you some key elements we use and implement on every landing page in every niche.

Anyone who has been following us knows we apply conversion design principles to e-commerce stores. The first principle is AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action.

Attention is essential to any conversion page or landing page; in this particular session, we focus on it.

Now, on a desktop version, there are five main elements that you can use to achieve attention which you must include in the hero section, i.e. above the fold section.

We need:

  • Imagery
  • Social prof
  • Headline
  • Trust icons
  • Call to action

if you don’t have these five elements, then your landing page will probably not convert well.

Not having any of these elements means you are missing many potential customers who could have converted to your page.

Check this screenshot:

The product page of Zygo is the perfect example of how to implement these elements in the hero section of your landing page.

Now, let’s move to the Mobile Hero Section of the same landing page.

Check this screenshot:

Now, let’s see what we have on this screen:

So, what three key elements must your mobile hero section have?


The first is the imagery. Mobile devices are smaller, and you will not be able to implement all the five elements we had on the desktop version above the fold.

So, you must focus on images or videos to capture attention and make your visitors stay longer on the page.

Social proof

The second is social proof. Since most people have access to mobile devices, you can include a testimonial or any other form of social proof under your imagery to convince prospects that they should buy from you.


The third is the headline. Even though you will not be able to add a long headline, an effective one-sentence headline is enough to convince your visitors to stay on the page and convert.

So, if you want to capture attention effectively using your mobile hero section for increased conversion, be sure to include high-quality images or videos, along with strong social proof and a powerful headline.

Now, time to talk about the last two key elements of the mobile hero section:

Trust icons and call to action.

The last two elements, trust icons and call to action are super important as they will help you to close the deal with your prospects and increase conversions significantly.

You need to place them in just a little scrollable area so that your visitors can easily view them without needing to scroll down too much. It’s very natural for your visitors to scroll down on a mobile device a bit more than they would on a desktop, so make sure your call to action and trust icons are within reach.

Check both of these screenshots:

As you can see, both product pages have call-to-action, and trust icons placed right below the hero section. This allows your visitors to view them and convert easily, regardless of their device.

So, a total of five key elements must be included in the mobile hero section to capture attention and increase conversions.

One important thing: It would be great if you could adjust all five elements in the hero section instead of lacing the last two elements down there.

Check this screenshot of a home page:

They have all five elements placed on the hero section of the page.

But that’s not necessary. If you can’t adjust five elements on your hero section, make sure you have at least 3 elements–high-quality imagery or video, trust icons, and a powerful headline.

And that’s it! I hope this guide helps you increase conversions on your landing page, especially on mobile devices. Good luck!



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