Optimising your Landing Page – Landing Pages From Scratch Series


By: Andy Haskins

Welcome to the ‘Landing Page From Scratch Series’, where we’ll be taking you from zero to hero and crafting a high converting landing page from the ground up.

In each lesson we’ll take you through the core principles required to formulate the perfect page and get your campaign off to a strong start.

Welcome to part 4 of the ‘Landing Pages from Scratch’ series, the final part in the series.

In parts 1,2 and 3, we covered planning, designing and developing your landing page.

Now in part 4 we’re going to cover how to optimise and test your landing page for the best results.

Of course it’s very important that you get off to a great start with your landing page but equally important that you optimise your website/landing page.

Firstly you gather data from your completed landing page, then you optimise, then you improve on conversion rate.

Let’s take a look at a standard lifecycle of optimisation below.

Standard Lifecycle of Optimisation

At the top is behavioural analysis, this is where you will start with your analysis of the initial page – the main thing you are analysing is the conversion rate however you will also be analysing lots of other variables. You will see here how people are acting on your website/landing page – here you can then come up with a hypothesis and changes and then approve the changes. Once you have approve the changes you then implement them and test them which will give you a report and then you start the behavioural analysis once again.

This cycle is very important to find out what does work and what doesn’t work for your page and audience.

Let’s go into the testing part of the cycle in more detail.

What types of testing are there?

Split Testing
Testing two completely different landing pages.

A/B Testing
Testing individual elements – an image, a video, a headline, a button colour, text on a button etc.

Multivariate Testing 
Testing lots of things at the same time. For example: testing an image, a headline and a button colour at the same time. Then eventually it will then tell you the winning version. Multivariate testing is generally done when you have lots of traffic as you need that to get cold hard results.
Elements to test which have the biggest impact: Headline/proposition Hero image Pricing

A few extra points for you to mull over.
Whilst all of the above should provide a solid grounding, there’s no point in just guessing what is and isn’t working, it’s VITAL that you constantly test and optimise your landing pages to match your audience and how they’re acting. There are many different things you can test:

  • Layout
  • Images
  • Text and content
  • Call to action colours
  • Single vs multi step forms
  • Button vs form

The list goes on.

With that in mind:

Place pixels and analytics
Data is the driver of any successful landing page. You need to know what works and why. The easiest way to do this is to ensure you have tracking in place that gives you an overview of everything, from the ad through to the completion. This will allow you to make logical and informative decisions. There are many different tracking platforms to utilise, but the two that we use the most are Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. Data is king so make sure you’ve got tracking implemented from day one.

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