Ways to stop spending your AD spend.

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By: Badar Habib

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There have been many product pages that I have been reinventing, more precisely paper-click product pages and advertisements.  it is great to have a product page to achieve organic growth, but if you are paying for people to land on your page, it is chucking and wasting money. Rather than optimize, you may as well direct them to the main product page than having a brochure page.

Not only are they expensive and inadequate to use, but they also don’t provide you with an optimal growth rate which is fundamentally what you’re aiming to achieve. Many product pages do not even have the AIDA principle established, especially when it lacks direct access, such as having a call to action button on your main page, with all the social proof and elaborate information placed diligently in the hero section.

If your page lacks all these components, it will be problematic. Substituting those for other elements such as traffic links will just impose to be distractions. A visual appeal may attract individuals, but placing a call to action on the second page, or not using engaging components will most probably be an inefficient method to incorporate.

Social Proof 😎

Social proof and trust above the fold should be a client’s first choice. Many pages also tend to fully rely on imagery and graphics. However, with such product pages, you only waste your money because you lack all the engaging components which are supposed to be there.  A store will have a slower load speed for desktops and mobiles as well. As such incorporating heavy load graphics may not be fitting under all circumstances.

Communicate to your consumer how a product may benefit them. Hooking your clients with the main product page you pay to direct traffic on really needs to be out and direct on your product page. Instill a FAQ section and do remember your social proof, especially feedback from individuals who have used your product is imperative in dragging core attention. The more you place it in the corner of the product, it will disappear and in most cases, your consumers won’t even scroll that down.

A direct response sales page is what is more commonly used. This is where you make the purchase directly without any distractions. This is the ideal structure you would want to aim for. Using emotive components and images which are relevant and fitting is essential.

Explain the benefits 🎁

A strong CTA above the fold, scarcity, using emotions as key tools to really pique a client’s interest. Using beneficial pointers to draw individuals can achieve a high conversion rate from the product. and will draw your clientele more heavily and keep them engaged. The image of a person who leaves a comment will lead to high conversion rates. And of course, to further accommodate engagement, establishing process states can elaborate further on how a product gets to your consumer’s door.

A video at the end of the page although not a necessity is definitely a plus point. Each section has a CTA button because that is what our interest sections are all about. Promoting bundles and packages in odd numbers generate a higher conversion rate, so if your product comes in pair of 1 and 3, individuals would be more likely to buy them!



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