Why a landing page is more effective than a store!


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Stores are effective too! Aren’t they? ????

There’s no doubt that stores are effective, you can showcase your diverse product range, you can educate the consumer on your offering, you can capture data on popular products and lots more.

Stores are much more effective than having your products on marketplaces, with a store you can actually market your products directly to visitors and potential customers.

In marketplaces people who buy your product are the customers of the marketplace and not your company. Selling directly to customers on your website/store means you get to collect their contact information.

This means you have gained a valuable customer and you have their information so you can send them a thank you email, newsletters, discounts emails, emails announcing new products etc.

You can start that customer journey and show that you really care, whereas on a marketplace, there is barely any contact with you. There is no way for you to leave a positive impression of your company, so they come back for more. So, there’s no doubt that stores have their advantages, but… they also have many disadvantages.

They are SLOW LOADING – 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Load speed optimisation is something we cannot stress the importance of, this is crucial to conversions which is why a landing page is the way to go.

Too much choice – Too many products to choose from will hinder your prospective customers’ decision.

Distractions – Other products, navigation buttons, social links, other links, blogs, or other distractions.

No goal to illicit action – A store can be an online jumble sale – so much choice, but no direction for your user, no goal. This is why landing pages are great, they are made with one goal in mind.

Time-consuming to test – If you have a store, there are so many different variables to test, it can be very time consuming! It is much easier to test a landing page as it is only one page with one focus, you can choose to test completely separate landing pages or you can change a few elements to see what works best. Copy, media, button colours or keywords may be some things you choose to test on your landing page.

It’s clear you ARE missing out on conversions with a store.

Did you know that landing pages are twice as likely to convert?

Just think, you might have the traffic going to your store, but are they converting into customers? A landing page is built for conversions.

Why choose a Landing Page?

We’ve established that you can target your customers better with a store instead of having your products on marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon but Landing Pages take your company to the next level.

A landing page has much more power than your store to get people to buy from you. Landing Pages are designed with a goal in mind, they have no distractions like stores do, with a landing page you focus your potential customer’s attention on just ONE single product or one single action.

Everything on that page is leading towards your customer taking action on the goal that you have set out. There are no distractions on a landing page – no other products, no 50% off one product and a limited time offer on another… a landing page makes everything easy.

It makes your potential customers’ decision easy, and that is the most important thing.

A great looking, fast loading landing page with one goal, one CTA = sales. It’s basic Landing Page math!

Make your customers want to buy from you

Within 60 seconds of landing on your landing page, your prospective customer should easily be able to get all the information they need to make a decision to buy from you or not.

This is why on your landing page, you should angle your headline, sub-headline and bullet points to show how your product can benefit your customer. The key is not to talk about the features of your product, but how it can benefit your customer.

Below you see a Landing Page we created for Pain Absolve. Look at how their text is worded, this is a great example of how your text should be written!

When creating landing pages we use the AIDA Principle to entice the user to complete the desired action. The AIDA Principle stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Aim to gain your user’s attention, get them interested, make them desire your product and then make them take action. We have a blog detailing the AIDA Principle in full here, click to read.

You might be thinking, “Hold up! A landing page that has no menu, no contact details for us, no links to other products… No way. I need the option to let customers know all the products we can offer them so I can sell more to them”

No, no, no. We’re going to stop you there. Sometimes less is more! You can still keep your AOV (Average Order Value) with a landing page, you just have to be creative. Have add ons at checkout and offer bundles of your products at discounted prices.

Take a look at Paca Mask’s bundles below! They have used great tactics here, they have put how much the mask costs each when each bundle. It makes the customer think “Hm, I could get one mask for 17.95 or I could get 6 masks for 59.94 and that means they are only 9.99 each! What a deal”

Below you see a page we created for Surprise Wraps, the page below isn’t the main landing page we created, but it is the add-on page which comes after you click their CTA button and decide you want their product. Add-on’s are a great way of selling more products, you can have multiple add-on pages too you don’t have to just stop at one.

It makes us so sad when brands spend large amounts of their marketing budget driving traffic to their website and then that paid traffic does not reach its full potential, this is why a landing page is SO IMPORTANT.

Landing pages are not just for companies that have a few products, they can be for companies that have lots of different products in different niches, you can use your landing pages to target different audiences. If you are trying to target more than one specific audience on your website, then you are not targeting anyone. This is a recipe for disaster, you can’t target multiple demographics on one page, it doesn’t work like that. It will just end up looking a mess and definitely not converting.


We only have a few products in our store, why would we need a landing page?

You need a landing page the most! Our team sees so many companies with stores, yet they sell less than 3 products. A Landing Page is definitely what you need! When you only have a small range of products or a single higher ticket product a landing page can help you sell these items in large quantities as your page will be written all about that item. Your Landing Page is crafted with a goal in mind, to make a sale. A landing page will ALWAYS outperform a store, we guarantee that you will see an increase in conversion rate.

I want a landing page, where do I start?



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