Why your E-commerce brand NEEDS a dedicated Landing Page

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February 07, 2023
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The rise of E-Commerce

E-commerce websites generated almost 22 billion visits in June 2020,
up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020.

This is largely due to the global coronavirus pandemic – millions of people are now shopping online to avoid going out and potentially spreading or becoming exposed to the virus. Not to forget, shopping online is convenient and easy.

Covid has accelerated digital sales by over 13%, this increase of 13% is HUGE.

Did you know that it took ten years, from 2010 to January 2020, for digital sales to increase by 13%?

However it only took five months this year, from January to May 2020, for them to increase by a further 13%. We can’t tell you enough how perfect the time is NOW to get a dedicated landing page for your E-Commerce brand.

But, why a landing page?
Isn’t my store perfect for this rise of E-Commerce.

NO! Your store is a BIG distraction.

It may sound harsh but I will break it down for you now – with a landing page you focus your potential customer’s attention on just ONE single product or one single action.

Everything on that page is leading towards your customer taking action on the goal that you have set out. There are no distractions on a landing page – no other products, no 50% off one product and a limited time offer on another… a landing page makes everything easy.

It makes your potential customers decision easy, and that is the most important thing. Great looking, fast loading landing page with one goal meaning one call to action = sales (or leads, if you’re not selling a product but a service)

What are the disadvantages of a store?

Slow loading 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Load speed optimisation is something we cannot stress the importance of, this is crucial to conversions which is why a landing page is the way to go.

Too much choice – Too many products to choose from will hinder your prospective customers decision.

Distractions – No navigation buttons, social links, other links, blogs, or other distractions, a landing page keeps and directs a visitor’s attention.When your potential customer reaches your landing page, they have nothing to distract them, they can either complete the offer or go back to the search results. If your landing page is crafted correctly, they certainly won’t be going back to the search results.

No goal to illicit action – A store can be a online jumble sale – so much choice, but no direction for your user, no goal. This is why landing pages are great. The landing pages we create follow the AIDA Principle and this is taken into consideration during the design process. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and the all important ACTION.

Time-consuming to test – It is much easier to test a landing page as it is only one page with one focus, you can choose to test completely separate landing pages or you can change a few elements to see what works best. Copy, media, button colours or keywords may be some things you choose to test on your landing page. If you have a store, there are so many different variables to test, it can be very time consuming!

And if the above isn’t enough to educate you on the importance of a landing page and how you ARE missing out on conversions without one then this little fact may just push you over the edge…

Did you know that landing pages are twice as likely to convert!

Just think, you might have the traffic going to your website or store, but are they converting into customers?

At landing page guys it makes us so sad when brands spend large amounts of their marketing budget driving traffic to their website and then that paid traffic does not reach its full potential, this is why a landing page is SO IMPORTANT.

As an E-Commerce brand you should have at least one landing page – we suggest you take your highest performing product and make a landing page for this product, leading on from this page you can utilise an add-on and bundles to up the cart total.

Of course you can’t be expected to actually create unique websites for every product and this is why the use of bundles and add on’s are a clever way to sell your other products without diverting too much attention away from the main goal of the landing page.

What is an add-on?

When your user has clicked your CTA button, you offer them another product related to the original product, that they feel they would be missing out on if they didn’t buy it.

For example: A landing page with the goal of selling an Electric Razor “Electro Razor 500” could have an add-on of shaving cream. So just when they are about to make payment and they’ve clicked your CTA they get a pop up saying:

“Make your legs the smoothest they have ever been with our Shea Butter Shaving Cream, special offer only $5.00 with your Electro Razor 500. Retail Value $11.99.”

Would you buy the Shea Butter Shaving Cream? I mean come on… I would. It sounds great, and it’s so cheap compared to what is is normally! I’m getting a deal! ????

What is a bundle?

A bundle is when your user has clicked your CTA button for your single product and then you offer them more of that specific product for a discounted price.

For example: If one protein powder tub costs $20.00 and you offer a bundle of 3 for $50.00, a bundle of 6 for $100.00 and a bundle of 10 for $150.00.

Although the user may not be buying multiple products with a landing page, they can still spend your desired amount through the use of the above. You can have multiple landing pages for multiple products, the opportunities are endless. 

So, how do I build a landing page?

It may sound like you need a really complicated page in place of your store but you don’t! The aim is to not overwhelm your audience – we’re about to use one of our favourite acronyms here… just KISS. No we are not suggesting you and your landing page get steamy, KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid, and that is what you should do. A simple background with the following critical elements above the fold:

  • Your company name/logo
  • Headline (Copy is so important, you want a headline that grabs their ATTENTION)
  • Sub-headline (what your company is offering)
  • Bullet Points (explaining how your product BENEFITS them, this gets them Interested
  • A subtle visual that represents your brand (Video or Image, make sure it’s compressed)
  • Social Proof (In the form of a testimonial, with 5 stars and a REAL photograph)
  • Your CTA (Don’t have multiple CTA’s on your page. One is perfect)

When you’ve nailed the above, it’s time to ensure your page loads fast unlike a slow loading store! You do this by optimizing your page use Tools.Pingdom or GT Metrix to test your load speed.

And last but not least, as we mentioned earlier don’t forget to test, test, test your landing page using a range of different tests such as split testing or testing individual elements. A well tested page means driving higher returns for your business as a result.

At landing page guys we help large businesses, entrepreneurs and small business owners take their conversion rates to the next level – our highly skilled team of project managers, designers and developers can help you create multiple pages for your brand which will bring more money to your bottom line. Contact us today for an audit and a quote.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and we hope you feel ready to take the next step for your business. Up your sales and conversion rate with a landing page.

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At Landing Page Guys we specialise in creating high quality landing pages that skyrocket your conversion rates, book a call with our team to see how you can benefit from a Landing Page!

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