Why your product needs a Landing Page

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February 07, 2023
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Are your conversion rates low?

You have tested your product and you know it sells, but you’re finding your conversion rates are low. You know that you’re missing something, but you just can’t work out what. It’s A Landing Page!

Every link that is on your website or store that doesn’t follow your goal of getting a sale is a distraction that will dilute your message and reduce your conversion rate.

This is where a landing page comes in, a landing page is simplistic and removes any distractions that may be on a regular product page or store, landing pages focus on only one message, with one goal in mind.

Often on stores and product pages there are various distractions such as social media links, links to other products, links to other web pages, menus, advertisements etc. Landing Pages are the opposite, they encourage your customer to focus on your product, your product is the star of the show and you will entice the user with its benefits. Add some social proof and you will have them in the palm of your hand.

It’s easier to capture conversions from a well-designed landing page than it is from a homepage or blog post because they have only one goal.

Landing pages are the ideal place to get your audience to convert if they are done right and that is what we specialise in here at Landing Page Guys.

Did you know that landing pages are twice as likely to convert in comparison to normal website and stores?

Most businesses opt for multiple landing pages as research shows that businesses with 10-15 landing pages tend to increase conversions by 55% compared to those with fewer than 10 landing pages. And those with more than 40 landing pages increase conversions by over 500%.

So, yes, it’s safe to say you need a landing page.

A Landing Page = An increase in conversion rate which means a significant increase in revenue!

What about my other products? Won’t my AOV go down?

Often the idea of selling only one product on a landing page can deter people but the research shows that when you strip back your sales offering to one product and really focus on how it can benefit your customers, that conversion rates rise rapidly. If you’re still unsure about just focusing on one product, there are many ways with landing pages to link your product with others or even to sell more of that specific product.

We are referencing Up-Sells and Bundles! They will increase your AOV (Average Order Value)

What is an Up-Sells?

When your user has clicked your CTA button, you offer them another product related to the original product, that they feel they would be missing out on if they didn’t buy it.

For example: A landing page with the goal of selling an Electric Razor “Electro Razor 500” could have an add-on of shaving cream. So just when they are about to make payment and they’ve clicked your CTA they get a pop up saying:

“Make your legs the smoothest they have ever been with our Shea Butter Shaving Cream, special offer only $5.00 with your Electro Razor 500. Retail Value $11.99.”

Would you buy the Shea Butter Shaving Cream? I mean come on… I would. It sounds great, and it’s so cheap compared to what is is normally! I’m getting a deal! ????

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is when your user has clicked your CTA button for your single product and then you offer them more of that specific product for a discounted price.

For example: If one protein powder tub costs $20.00 and you offer a bundle of 3 for $50.00, a bundle of 6 for $100.00 and a bundle of 10 for $150.00.

Although the user may not be buying multiple products from you with your landing page, they can still spend your desired amount through the use of the above. You can have multiple landing pages for multiple products, the opportunities are endless. Landing Pages can and will up your AOV.

Wow! What other benefits are there from having a landing page?

Not only are you are going to benefit from a higher conversion rate with a landing page but also monitoring analytics and testing become a lot easier with a landing page. With only one main goal, there’s no middle ground – a customer either completes the desired action or they don’t. Under the circumstance that they don’t you can then test the page and craft it until they do.

This testing process will be much easier and less time consuming with a landing page as it will have less content on it.

We hope we’ve educated you on why your product needs a landing page, if you do not have one or multiple, then you are missing out on AOV increase, increased revenue and decreased PPC costs.

To speak with our team about how we can help you with your landing page needs click the button below!



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